In view of the severity and potential risk of the Novel Coronavirus and to preserve taking the health of our clients and staff, limited services will be provided from now on until further notice. For any enquiries or access to our counter services, please kindly contact us at or WhatsApp 852-98891968 for assistance or make a prior appointment with us; the service hours of Service Center – Mong Kok will be ended at 4:30 pm; online services (including account opening service) will remain in normal operation. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Hong Kong Stocks
Clients are able to place orders through their cash and margin accounts. We offer comprehensive investment channels for clients to participate in online trading.

IPO Stocks
We provide IPO information and research reports to you. Clients can either apply for IPO online or through your Relationship Managers/ Account Executives.

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Hong Kong and overseas investors are able to trade certain stocks listed on the SSE market, which called SSE Securities.

US Stocks
Clients can trade stocks that listed on American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by placing their orders online or via dealing hotline.

Singapore Stocks
Customers can trade all listed Singapore stocks via our Hotline.

China B Shares
Clients are able to trade China B Shares that listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange online or via our hotline.

   Customer Service
Hong Kong:(852) 2663 8888
Mainland:(86) 400 6088 498
(Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00)


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