In view of the severity and potential risk of the Novel Coronavirus and to preserve taking the health of our clients and staff, limited services will be provided from now on until further notice. For any enquiries or access to our counter services, please kindly contact us at or WhatsApp 852-98891968 for assistance or make a prior appointment with us; the service hours of Service Center – Mong Kok will be ended at 4:30 pm; online services (including account opening service) will remain in normal operation. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Real Time Quote Services

Plan RTQ Service Fee
(per month)
CASH Points RTQ Fee After Redemption
E IQ Streaming of ET Net Limited HK$418 1,800 Free
900 HK$209
F AA Stocks Futures HK$200 1,200 Free
600 HK$100
G AA Stocks Full Version HK$380 2,000 Free
1,000 HK$190
P QPI Futures Version HK$150 800 Free
400 HK$75
Q QPI Full Version HK$368 2,000 Free
1,000 HK$185

Note: Service deposit must be paid in advance upon subscription.

CASH Points Earning Method:
Total Monthly Commission Paid (HK$) x 1


If the commission paid for your monthly securities transaction is HK$500, the CASH Points earned will be 500 (HK$500 x 1). For inquiries about CASH Points, please visit our CASH Points website .

The above Charges are subject to revision from time to time without prior notice. For enquiries, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2663-8888.

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